A neuroma is a painful but typically benign abnormal growth of nerve tissue. It’s sometimes referred to as a nerve tumor or “pinched nerve.” A common type called Morton’s neuroma grows between the third and fourth toes and can be quite uncomfortable to deal with. At Beyond Podiatry, our podiatrists specialize in treatments designed to address neuromas and help you find the relief you seek. If you are struggling with these growths, getting in touch with your nearest Beyond Podiatry office in Michigan or Illinois can help you get the help you seek.


Causes of Neuroma

Neuromas develop when your nerves get compressed or otherwise irritated. Sometimes, trauma may also develop suddenly, as in the case of a serious foot injury. Some common causes of neuromas include:

  • Wearing high-heeled shoes (or other shoes with a tapered toe housing)
  • Pre-existing bunions
  • Pre-existing hammertoes
  • Pre-existing flatfoot
  • Sports that put pressure on the balls of your feet, such as running

Signs of Neuroma

Specific symptoms depend on the region of the body where the neuroma forms. In all cases, neuromas involve thickening of the nerve tissues, which often causes severe nerve pain. Other signs of this condition include burning, tingling, and numbness.

How To Treat Neuroma

Neuromas aren’t always preventable, but in most cases simply avoiding excessive pressure on your feet can keep you from this frustrating and painful issue. When you come in for your consultation at one of our offices, your podiatrist may suggest custom orthotics or cortisone injections ease your pain. Along with this, your podiatrist may also recommend:

  • Footwear changes: Avoid high heels or other footwear that constrict your toes whenever possible
  • Rest: Regularly rest your feet, especially after wearing heels or unusual footwear
  • Ice: If you have foot pain, apply ice packs at home while you rest
  • Equipment changes: Always use specially made and high-quality gear for sports or exercise