Dr. Grace, I cannot thank you and your stellar staff enough for going above and beyond to arrange my surgery in record time. You may have found a “pearl” in my toe, but you are the GEM in my opinion. It would be an honor to recommend you to anyone searching for a top notch specialist. I appreciate all you have done over the decades to keep my feet happy and healthy. You’re a jewel!

Karen H.

Two years ago, just walking around the office was enough to cause throbbing pain in my big toe joints. When the pain made it hard to find a work-appropriate shoe that was comfortable, I decided to consult Dr. Grace about joint resurfacing. Dr. Grace helped me understand that arthritis had caused the loss of most of the cartilage in the joint. She was very empathetic about the pain I was experiencing. Dr. Grace’s calm, positive manner was reassuring. Her office staff is well organized, efficient, and friendly, and I have never waited past my appointment time. Just recently, I spent 3 days walking around Disney World with no more pain in my feet than anyone else in our family. With both joints resurfaced and healed, I can go through an entire day now blissfully unaware of my feet.

Patti A.

I suffered a debilitating ankle fracture and dislocation while on vacation this summer. I am now just 4 and 1/2 months post surgery and I am very close to being back to normal. Dr. Leapman’s surgical skill is extraordinary. She was able to repair my complex injury and maintain the range of motion in the ankle. My physical therapist was amazed at how well my ankle moves despite several weeks of immobilization in a cast. I think my rapid recovery is also due to her caring bedside manner. She has taken the time to carefully explain every aspect of my treatment and recovery, even calling me at home to check on me after my surgery. After my injury, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to return to work as a teacher this semester, but thanks to Dr. Leapman, I am already back in the classroom with my students!

Lorie B.

Without Dr. Gary Friend, who diagnosed my plantar fasciitis on my first vist, I would not be walking, pain-free as I am today. He ordered orthotics, made sure they were fitted properly, and now I can exercise the way I did prior to plantar fasciitis PAIN FREE! Thank you Dr. Friend!

Suzi E.

Dr. Friend has been our family Podiatrist for over 20 years. Every procedure he has performed on both me and my wife has been outstanding. He is always willing to go the next step to try the most advanced techniques, and they have always been successful. My latest surgery was a resurfacing of my arthritic big toe joint. After just one week, my joint pain is gone and I have incredible mobility. Most important to us, however, is that Dr. Friend is the most caring doctor we have ever had. He knows us personally and shows his interest in our well-being in ways we have never experienced from other physicians. We have referred more people to Dr. Friend than we have any other doctor because of his skill, innovation and caring.

Raymond C.

It has been four months since surgery for my painful, arthritic big toe joint and I could not be more pleased with the results. I have much greater joint mobility and can wear more varied shoe styles. Dr. Stone was great at every stage, from a successful surgery, to a virtually pain free recovery, to tips about how to care for my healing foot and when and how to start exercising again. Best of all, having done the surgery, I can look forward to continued improvement over the next few months rather than the continuing deterioration I was facing without surgery.

Susan H.

Despite ongoing delays and complications, the attention given to me by Dr. Leapman and her staff effectively resulted in the healing of my ulceration. During each clinical visit and examination, Dr. Leapman was persistent and sensitive to my needs. Without Dr. Leapman’s knowledge and steadfast approach to wound management, I doubt my wound would have healed satisfactorily. I am very grateful for Dr. Leapman’s caring expertise!

Christine B.

There is something to be said about a doctor who listens to his patients and treats them with compassion. Thank you so much, Dr. Friend, for your kindness, your love for your patients, your wonderful team of nurses/doctors and lets not forget your beautiful foot work! You are a wonderful doctor with a great sense of humor and just an overall divine human being. Thank you.

Tracey J.

Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis isn’t fun! I had been suffering with heel pain and discomfort for almost two years. Even though I had been treated with cortisone shots, orthotics, stretching exercises and a night brace, the heel pain would subside one day and return the next. Convinced that my next step would be surgery I procrastinated going back to visit the doctor. When I finally reached the point of not being able to walk without limping nor able to enjoy my exercise routine I knew I had to make an appointment. Fortunately, Dr. Stone relieved my fears and offered me a new Laser Therapy treatment as an alternative to surgery. In his office, he performed six painless laser treatments to the inflamed area of my heel over a two month period. The only discomfort I experienced was from the heel tissue feeling very warm during the actual treatment. I am so thankful that this new procedure has been effective for my Plantar Fasciitis. I am back to walking several miles a week and look forward to re enrolling in the exercise classes that I enjoy so much. I’ve told all my friends who are suffering with heel pain about this wonderful option. Thanks, Dr. Stone for putting me back on my feet again!

Diana B.

This is my second time working with Dr. Grace. I have now had both bunions operated on. At first I was so scared of how painful the surgery would be, but after I got out of surgery it was very easy. Dr. Grace called once I got home to make sure I was ok. Because I am a high school student and a runner, recovery was a big issue for me. After a couple weeks of walking, and then physical therapy, I started to run again. Because of this surgery Dr. Grace has given me the ability to run on the varsity cross country team in high school, and to continue onto college, running without pain.

Megan L.

When I couldn’t even wear modest heels, it was time to face the music. I had heard my fair share of horror stories about foot surgery and post-op recuperation, so I definitely was not looking forward to what seemed inevitable. A friend referred me to Dr. Gosse who had a great reputation for conservatively looking at surgery only as a last resort. This was my kind of surgeon. So, I met with Dr. Gosose and, once he looked at my xrays, “You need surgery” were the first words out of his mouth. I wish I hadn’t waited so long. Two weeks in a surgical boot plus some physical therapy, and my (big toe joint) flexibility had returned. It’s been many years since my feet were truly happy. I’d recommend this in a heartbeat.

Pam N.

I am writing to let Dr. Grace know that I ran the 8K Shamrock Shuffle today and had no ankle pain or problems. I really appreciate her patience and creative thinking in helping me heal.

Tricia H.

I am truly grateful, Dr. Gosse, for your patience with me and the professional care that you have and are giving me. Thanks again for being the wonderful and caring doctor that you are.

Dolores P.

Just wanted to let you know how Diane did yesterday during the Boston Marathon. She finished with a very good time. She called to thank us and especially to convey her thanks to you. She said the injection in her foot is what saved the day. She only stopped during the race for 10 minutes to get her calves massaged due to cramping. Thank you again, Dr. Grace!

Cally F.

Achilles surgery in mid-March. Back on the tennis courts in June. Hike out of the Grand Canyon in September (with 30 lb. pack). Dr. Stone…You are ridiculous!!

Lou B.

Due to amazing laser therapy and care of Dr. Stone, I now have my life back. Suffering from plantar fasciitis for three years was hard on me and my family. Time with Dr. Stone was fun and very successful. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. Dr. Stone, I will always remember what you have done for me.


Dr. Friend, I really appreciate you. Thank you so much for all you did so my feet could be comfortable with my orthotics.

J.S. Age 10

Dr. Gosse. Your treatments have worked so well. I have not had to schedule an appointment. However, that makes me even more grateful to be your patient! Affectionately,

Judy F.

I highly recommend Dr. Friend. Nice man, careful listener, and a skilled medical specialist. Corrected my hammertoes using a cutting-edge technology used by few other Chicago-area podiatrists. This is a significant operating room procedure. Dr. Friend’s surgical work completely eliminated the considerable pain I had previously felt when walking or running. Even better, I felt virtually no pain after the anesthetic wore off and throughout the recovery. Can’t ask for more.

Steven F.

Dr. Stone. I would like to send a personal note of thanks for the excellent care I received from you. The process of undergoing two surgeries was quite an adventure. :) Your kind demeanor, gentle touch, confidence, expertise, and overall bedside manner gave me the piece of mind to make the necessary decisions regarding my healing. At all my appointments, I was greeted with a handshake and a kind smile. Although I’ll miss our visits and your amiable staff, it’s time for me to regain the active lifestyle I once had. I wish you the best!!

Kelly D.

Dr. Gary Friend, Thank you from my left foot, my right foot, and me for your competence, care, and sense of humor. I think your new theme song should include the following (with apologies to James Taylor). “Don’t you know that hammertoe, bunion, or sprain; Gary Friend can ease your pain… Ain’t it good to know that you have a friend- that’s Gary Friend, DPM!”

Melanie S.

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