Before & After Surgery



Bunion Correction

Bunion and Hammertoe Correction



Bunion Correction with Lapidus Procedure

NS Foot Ankle : BABunionLap

Total Joint Replacement for Arthritic Joint 

NS Foot Ankle : JointReplaBA 1

Failed Surgery Revision

NS Foot Ankle : Untitled%20design%20(3)

Bone Spur Removal 

NS Foot Ankle : BABoneSpur

Jones Fracture Repair

NS Foot Ankle : JonesfractureBA


Removal of Fractured Sesamoid Bone

Displaced Fracture of Toe



Hammer Toe Deformity Correction

 NS Foot Ankle : HammertoeBA

Shortened Metatarsal Bone to Correct Hammer Toe & Plantar Plate Tear

NS Foot Ankle : HaBA

Removal of Accessory Navicular Bone

NS Foot Ankle : BAAcc


Tailors Bunion Correction

NS Foot Ankle : TBC 1

Brachymetatarsia Repair

NS Foot Ankle : BABrach